Orclands Metaverse


ORC Token

The primary Orclands token is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is verified:
Token Name: ORC
Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimals: 9
Contract Address: 0x968f9C44879F67a29B1BfcCf93ea82d46A72881F

Transaction Tax

The ORC token has the following transaction tax categories, and each tax percentage is adjustable until ownership is renounced on the contract, with initial percentages set as follows.:
  • Liquidity Pool Tax - 2%
  • Burn Tax - 2%
  • Reflections Tax - 1%
The liquidity pool tax will persist for an initial period of trading to assist in supporting trading of the ORC token. This might be further extended depending upon trading volume.
Both the rewards and reflections tax has been left as a contract method in case the team decide to activate this feature.


Contract Deployer Wallet: 0x968f9C44879F67a29B1BfcCf93ea82d46A72881F ​
Rewards Wallet (interim): 0xD1927e8aBdE26d5aFFa029b76Fa8D9EBFa5695D1​
Revised Contract Owner Wallet: 0xD1927e8aBdE26d5aFFa029b76Fa8D9EBFa5695D1​