Orclands Metaverse


ORC Token

The Orclands ORC token is the governance token, which is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is verified:
Token Name: ORC
Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimals: 9
Mintable: No

Transaction Tax

The ORC token has the following transaction tax categories, and each tax percentage is adjustable until ownership is renounced on the contract, with initial percentages set as follows.:
  • Liquidity Pool Tax - 2%
  • Reflections Tax - 1%
  • Rewards / Burn Tax - 1%
The liquidity pool tax will persist for an initial period of trading to assist in supporting trading of the ORC token. This might be further extended depending upon trading volume.
Both the rewards/burn and reflections tax has been left as a contract method in case the team decide to activate this feature.
It is important to note that the tax associated to rewards or burn are interchangeable; meaning that tax can go to rewards wallet or burn address if configured.


The Orclands SPIRITS token is the rewards token, which is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It is swappable for ORC, and once swapped SPIRITs is burned:
Token Name: SPIRITS
Maximum Supply: Unlimited
Decimals: 9
Mintable: Yes


The expected ratio is of ORC:SPIRITS is 1:1, meaning:
  • for every SPIRIT token swapped for a ORC token, you will receive 1 ORC token.

Minting and Burning

The SPIRITS token is provided as a reward in game play. This token can be also used in game play to purchase in-game assets, as well as swapping for ORC tokens via a DEX.
The SPIRITS token is mintable, meaning the supply can be increased as needed to ensure rewards are always available. Likewise, when this token is utilised (in-game purchases or swap for ORC), it is burnt from supply to reduce the total supply.