Orclands Metaverse


AMA - 3rd January 2022

  • Introductions
  • Background
  • How we started:
    • we decided not to subscribe to the now so popular IDO platform or private sale. Why? We didn’t want the typical presale x return dump;
    • we already have most of the NFTs ready, and also minting contracts being tested
    • development plan, i.e. roadmap is clearly outlined in W/P v1.0 and are building to that
    • team of ~3 devs (including 1 artist), and 4-5 supporting social
  • Tokenomics and Trading
    • Rewards: 50% (3 months initial unlock); Dev 25%, Marketing 10%, Team 5%, LP 10%.
    • LP team funded and we have set a txn tax = 4% to support LP build. This tax will be adjusted when LP is stable.
    • 90% tokens locked over various vests, LP locked initial 12 months
    • 10% in PCS – 3.5% in LP - any attention could see huge price lift quickly
  • Marketing
    • Underway with banner adverts and growth social with SOE and targeting sites to grow social presence
    • As we move along with marketing we adjust and react to what presents itself to us
    • CMC and BSC applications submitted
  • Game Development
    • As per development plan in docs.orc.land
    • The first CY Q1 all about launch phase
    • Then CY Q2 we move into Battle phase:
      • Enable minting or Orc and lands to support play
      • Enable boss battle mode: difficult battle mode
    • CY Q3 Mine and Farm is where most of gamenomics launch happens:
    • CY Q4 is wrap up with Orc Markets and Villain Battles – however plan is not complete – it is just that H3-4 view and will evolve.
  • Insights into Game Play
    • 2D based HTML responsive card table top style: support many devices types
    • Sustainability: plan is to not grow too quickly:
      • We will not oversell NFTs or sell too far off game launch
      • We will budget our LP and rewards meaning, # of players is restricted and only ramps when confident we can sustain
    • Utopia looks like a 3D based Orc metaverse, however:
      • P2E needs to mature
      • Device and 3D game platform integration to blockchain needs to mature
  • Open for questions
  • Noted no questions from attendees
  • Questions from submission:
    • When CMC and CG?
      • When min req met – we have requested CMC 8 hours ago.
    • Can we clean up TG bots?
      • Yes, team is looking into prevention and clean up.
  • Close
    • Next AMA scheduled for 25th January.

AMA - 23rd January 2022

AMA 23-01-22 v2.pdf
AMA Presentation
Boss Battle Arena Video

AMA - 27th February 2022

AMA Dev Update

AMA - 27th March 2022

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